There is a collection of objects that I use frequently that I like quite a bit when I travel and when I’m at home.  When it’s something I will use a lot, I obsessively try out many models until I find the one I like.

Also I look at r/onebag too much and wanted to make my own partial list.  Some other gear lists I like:

Table of Contents


Backpack: A 28L Patagonia Refugio.

  • Has Expanding Water Bottle Pockets, ribbing to attach lights and a laptop sleeve, is lightweight.

  • If I was going to get it again, I would get a dark version.  I wish it had a little bit more interior organization too.

  • Chosen after trying many different kinds.  My ribbing requirement really made it hard, and I probably would drop it as a choice at this point.

  • Backpacks are a sore spot for me, I’m never satisfied.

  • I will probably replace this soon.
    Carry On: TravelPro Crew 11 Rollaboard

  • This was just a wirecutter recommendation, and it’s a lot better than the cheapos I’ve used before.  Away bags look ugly, Rimowa makes you a target and feels like overkill.

  • Compared to other luggages, everything about their hardware is more solid and well thought out.  The wheels roll solid along with the handle.

  • Nowadays I only fill about half of the bag.  Usually the other half ends up being gifts of food.
    **Wallets: **All-ett Wallets

  • After trying many wallets, I’ve realized I love thin wallets and after many years of having an all-ett, I’ve realized they are the best in their category.

  • Local: All-ett Sport (does not fit japanese yen)

  • Travel: All-ett Passport

    • After going to Japan, I’ve realized the value of having the passport and your wallet together.  I tried it on another trip and it worked great!
  • Also: Seattle Sports Dry Doc Waterproof Passport Case

    • Great to keep your passport dry, whenever your going to beaches, rainy climates or boats.  Saved my passport multiple times, works well!
      **Packing Cubes: **Eagle Creek Packing Cubes & Pouches
  • I’ve tried many other brands, eagle creek’s are just better quality. A key part of travel for me, and it helps compress my clothing.

  • I also use a small REI toiletry bag.

Pocket Items

  • The 6-in-1 UtiliKey

    • I have had other EDC tools.  I never used them other than this one.   Useful in a bunch of situations, looks like key unless you look closely, and takes as much space as one, which can be useful in some situations.
  • Apple Leather iPhone Case

    • Pretty much the only good looking leather case out there, unless you want to spend 2x more.
  • ic berlin glasses

    • No screws, is comfy.  Like all glasses frames, horribly overpriced for a few pieces of stamped metal.


The Ricoh GRIII

  • APS-C, fits in a skinny jeans pocket, sharp lens, nice sensor.
    • Other than phones, pretty much no other high quality camera that fits in your pocket.
  • Autofocus is so-so, but it’s better than my old RX-1 (first gen).
  • It takes some practice to take good photos with it in non-ideal conditions.
  • I love this camera, I can actually use it in casual situations, and it takes nicer photos than any camera phone.  
  • I used to have an RX-1 I, a Nikon D600 & a Sony A6000.  This one is actually pocketable and doesn’t scare people like SLRs do.
  • I might want to get a sony A7 II to have good autofocus to take cat pictures, but it feels like overkill.\


  • Why would a piece of software be in a gear list?  Because I actually take photos now, because I don’t have to worry about a photo management mess anymore and I can share it easily.  My photo management mess gave me photography depression.
  • See: Why I Chose Mylio


Bose QC35 II

  • After doing 3 week long term shootout between the Sony equivalent and this one, I chose this one.  The Sony earpads flattened out and were not comfortable enough for hours in the office.
  • These are my office & travel headphones, although I might go AirPods only.

AirPods Pro
I tried 5 different true wireless earplug and / or noise cancelling earbuds and tested them for hours.  In the end, despite the sony sounding better and having a bit better noise isolation, the airpods won out.  Why?

  • It’s transparency mode is the best in the market.  You can barely tell you are in an artificial transparency mode compared to other earbud’s transparency mode

  • It’s transparency mode completely eliminates wind noise.  Wind noise on my bike is no different compared to not wearing airpods.  All the others had wind noise on some level that made the transparency mode not useful. 

  • Very comfortable.  The Sony’s were uncomfortable to wear.  Others were not as comfortable as the airpods

  • Good enough sound for what they are.

  • Comfort and airpod’s transparency mode is what made me chose them in the end.  It’s important for my bike commute and it can handle the loud train tunnel I go through frequently.

  • 2nd best would have to be the Jabra 75t in wind noise and comfort.  Sound was worse than the AirPods Pro.

  • I don’t like how the batteries are unreplaceable.  I wish I could go to the equivalent of a watch shop and get it replaced for $30


  • 7 for All Mankind Jeans
    • I’ve tried out a lot of different jeans, many in the same price category, some of even more expensive.  My two pairs of Sevens (as I call them) have lasted a long time, look great and are really durable. It’s my favorite jean brand now and probably my favorite piece of clothing.
    • I’ve heard many good things about lululemon pants
    • I want to try a cotton blend version for quick drying.
  • Happy Socks
    • I like getting random fun socks from nordstrom rack, Happy Socks tends to make the better ones.
  • Merino Wool is Overrated
    • Fragile, expensive and itchy most of the time.  Now I use cotton-poly blends and mostly cotton.  You don’t actually need to wash your own clothing and hang dry it that often in practice I’ve found.
  • Don’t get down jackets with a hoody
    • Use a beanie instead.  Smaller packing size, less noise as you walk as it brushes against your head.


  • iPhone X

    • I like my iPhone, but I feel apple is falling behind.  The best of a small set of privacy respecting options.  I got this because of the bezeless display, yet still being hand sized.  The improved camera and OLED was a nice bonus too.  I wish I had touch id again.  I’m going to probably wait for the iPhone 12 to upgrade, despite the 11 Pro having night sight.
    • Wishes: USB-C,  Under-Screen Touch ID & Face ID
  • A 13” 2014 Macbook

    • It works, I want an upgrade. I hated the broken new keyboard wasting my time.  Now finally they fixed it (maybe?), I’ll be probably getting the new 13” one when they release it.  I’ll still probably miss magsafe, I’ll appreciate the extra cores.
  • Wireless Phone Chargers

    • These are more convenient than you think.  I pretty much only charge my phone with this kind of charger now.
  • A portable air quality monitor

    • This is way more useful and cooler than you think, especially if you live near somewhere that likes to have an annual forest fire.  I call it my tricorder.

Home Stuff

  • A Mesh Router System / Ubiquity

    • Unlike most wifi routers, mesh router systems actually update their routers semi-frequently, do it automatically, with real security updates.   I put my mom on Eeros.  Buy one instead of some sort of netgear or dlink shit.
    • I use Ubiquity at home, but you should only use it if your an IT pro.  They also update semi-frequently too.
  • Halogen Ovens

    • They are $30 from walmart 5 years ago, bake all sorts of things better, faster, more evenly and for less energy than a typical oven.  Has been an emergent best hit at home.
    • But you don’t hear the hype about them like the instant pot
  • Instant Pot

    • This one you’ve heard the hype about. Go google it.  Another best hit.
  • A god damn frying pan & microwave

    • The fastest ways to cook 
  • KitchenAid Mixers

    • They look good, and my partner caught a baking hobby ever since she got one.
  • Braun 700c Razor

    • This electric razor actually shaves my face properly, after trying a whole bunch.  I don’t wet shave anymore.
    • Not the best for travel w.r.t. cleaning, but I don’t travel enough for it to be an issue.
  • A Bidet

    • When you have dirt on your shoe, do you use a dry paper towel or some water too?  (Also, take off your shoes in the house)
  • Plastic Organizer Boxes for Batteries

    • More useful than you’d think
  • CB2 Framework Credenza

    • Very sturdy, can use it as a bench in cramped living rooms when friends are over.
    • Can also use it as TV / Game Device Shelving
    • Real wood, and you don’t have to assemble it
  • Litter Robot

    • Scoop poop only once a week vs once a day
    • Saves you a lot of time, and always leaves the litter box clean
    • Under-engineered, it has started failing for us after 4 years.  Could be more reliable if they put $20 more of better quality parts inside it.  (Ex: The motor is only 5W of power)
    • There might be something better out there
  • A K-Cup Machine

    • I’m not a caffeine snob
    • It broke my canned energy drink habit, which can be bad for you.
    • It’s really convenient and $0.30 a drink
    • Nespresso doesn’t give you a lot of coffee and is 2x the price per capsule usually
    • Favorite Pod: The SF Bay Coffee Organic Rainforest Blend
  • Austin Air Filters

    • The god damn trooper truck of air filters.  They last 5 years and filter a lot!
    • You often can get them for $100 on craigslist (Retail: $500)
    • Downside: noise, consumes 60W (hey, it’s a high throughput filter)
  • SimpleHuman Garbage Cans

    • Garbage cans with design (tm)
    • Only a few think about this.
    • Their coolest one, the retro, is not made anymore
  • Dyson V7

    • It works very well for a battery powered vacuum, and it’s not gross to empty it.
    • A friend had one break on them.  I’ve been lucky?  Never had issues with them for years now.
    • I pretty much never take out the plug in Miele anymore, except for once or twice a year for a deep clean of rugs.
    • We use this pretty much daily to collect cat hair.


  • Frozen Cauliflower Rice from Trader Joes or Costco
    • Don’t want to eat carbs / rice, want something that would replace it well in a dish and absorbs juices like rice does?  Get cauliflower ‘rice’ (minced cauliflower)!
    • And it’s easier to prepare than real rice. 4 minutes in the microwave and you’re done.
  • Kosher Himalayan Salt: Crack
  • Sumac: A light tangy flavor
  • Zero-fat Greek Yogurt: This thing is cheating, it’s 22g of protein to 7g of carbs and still tastes great.
  • Pre-minced garlic: Real garlic, without all the fucking work
  • Butter, Avocado Oil, Ghee, Coconut Oil
    • Frying shit with low smoke points is bad for you, use stuff that tastes better and has a high smoke point.

Dissapointing Objects

I don’t use these anymore, or use them because they are the best in a list of worse options.

  • Boosted Board
    • Skateboards cannot take bad roads nearly as well as bicycles, especially at high speeds
    • Boosted V2 boards have a spontaneous snapping axel problem (look at r/boostedboard history) that the company did not do a recall for and did not take real responsibility for.  I didn’t want to die.
    • An electric board is overkill $$$ wise compared to bike that goes a similar speed.
    • Just get an ebike, and eat the extra 2 minutes it takes to lock up a bicycle
  • HomePod
    • Great sound for the price
    • The only thing that is Semi-Private
    • Shit speech understanding  (Amazon echos were way more consistent)
  • Tile
    • Find where your fucking keys are.
    • The best in a sea of shit.
    • They finally let you replace the battery.  
    • I can’t wait until apple makes a more private version.
    • I only use it for my wallet and my keys.
    • It should become part of the BTLE standard eventually.
  • Apple Watch
    • I like my apple watch, but hate how it’s water resistance is a useless lie and how fragile it is.
    • I’ve gone through 2 watches at this point.  One gen 0 because of showering, which is ok, because they never said it had any water resistance, and a gen 3 because I swam in a pool once with it and it died the next day in a way that hinted water damage, which is the part that pisses me off.  Also the expensive link band I got had a button chip off fall off, and there is no obvious way to repair it.
    • At this point, I avoid water with the watch and I’m only use cheap bands with it.  It doesn’t deserve anything else

Wished For Objects

  • The iPad that was Good as a Nintendo Switch
    • Give me an iPad with smash bros and the nintendo switches game library.
    • The iPad Screen & CPU is better than the switch, and costs a similar price.
    • Little children already use it as their device, why not capture the rest of their gaming needs too?
    • Hopefully with Apple Arcade apple will make a switch like gaming experience.